Getting Started With Youtube

All you need to know about Youtube before getting started

Well, If you think Youtube is only for entertainment, then you are wrong. You can make money out of it. YES! you heard me right. Yes,  you can make a career out of Youtube. I have created this blog only to share my knowledge about youtube, blogging, video editing softwares and apps, adsense and many more. 

Why Youtube? 

Before I start lets question our self. Why Youtube? why not other video platform? Answer is simple. Youtube is a product of Google and who don’t know about it? We are in 2018 but Google, far more ahead of us. You will get to know yourself :).

Well, youtube not only a video platform but also a great place to showcase your skills and make money out of it. Ultimately you do what you like to do and what you love to do which also fetches so bugs for you :). Apart from this, youtube is best in anlaytics. When coming to the video analytics you will have all the data handy and make use of it to understand your audience and grow more.

Not only that, there are lot more things to know about Youtube. Something like copyrights, claims, private messaging systems, inbuilt video editing tools and so on. I will briefly explain all these things when we deep dive into the topics.

Tha’s all for now. In the coming posts, I will share how I am going to create a brand new youtube channel, do the channel art works, upload videos, SEO optimization and many more things in detail.I will make sure to be crisp and clear about the topics I cover in this blog.

Till then let’s shout Youtube!!!

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