Create A Youtube Channel and Earn Money Step By Step

How to create a Youtube channel and Earn money step by step (part 1)

Beginners Guide For Youtube Channel Creation

In this post let us see how to create a brand new youtube channel, customizing your channel,best tools to create channel art, logo for your channel, how to choose niche,upload your first video, choosing the right title, adding description, adding tags and SEO optimization.

Before we start creating a youtube channel, we need to have a GMAIL account. If you do not have one, create right now!. Follow the below instructions once you have the gmail account.

1. Go to youtube and sign in (if you not not signed in yet)

2. Click on your account (on right top end). You will see a list of options to select. Click on “My Channel”

3. If prompted with “Use Youtube as…”  then key in your channel name and click “Create Channel”

4. Your channel is created. Now we need to customize it. Click on the “Customize Channel”

5. Click on the icon and upload your channel icon if you have any. Then click on channel art and upload the image. After that click on “Channel Description” and add details about your youtube channel.

That’s it…your brand new channel is ready. What next? We need to have below things ready before we upload any videos to your channel.

1. Branding your channel

2. Upload defaults
3. Channel introduction
4. Channel keyword setup

We will see all the above things in next part.. If you any queries, comment below. Will see you in next post.

Ta Da 🙂

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