Creative Youtube Channel Name’s

How to choose creative and unique YouTube channel names.

In this post let us see how to choose creative and unique YouTube channel names and why it is important. Youtube channel names also depicts the branding. Youtube channel name is not just a name. The name you choose will be your identity online. May be one day people start searching the names directly rather than generic search keywords.

Le me give an example to understand why choosing a unique and creative name is important.  I have a youtube channel that only targets religious songs and the value in it is lyrical videos. I write lyrics not just a minute or two but full video lyrics most of the times. And some times I do whatsapp status videos with lyrics. After a year, I see the keyword search for the channel name itself. Isn’t it quite interesting and mind blowing! for me YES!!!

I had chose the name in a creative way so that it matches the content. The channel name itself has a meaning in it and thus now it is quite famous I can say!. I named it as “IshalVarigal“. Which means beautiful lines. One a whole note that means “beautiful rhythm lines”. And the good news is that this keyword has a good density now. Ohoo 🙂

By now you may have got to know the importance of channel name. May be one day your channel would be a trending keyword:). So choose a right keyword. Don’t worry if you are out of ideas or good names. We have Google! who will help you.

We have many sites that will generate random keywords or names for your channel. You just need to key in what is your niche or name that is in your mind. I have put up some sites that will generate good random names for you to get started.

1. Channel Name Generator
2. SpinXo
3. Youtube Name Generator

You can google for more channel name generator websites. All you need is to go to these websites and key in the names you have and hit submit button. You will see many names generated. Choose any of the name which strikes you and think on it. Do this exercise and come up with a unique name. I do not say it should be alien one. Let it be simple so people can remember it next time when they think of searching the videos.


The key factor to choose a channel is that it should be simple to remember and catchy. Next time when the user search for any content your channel name should strike them. Think in the shoes of a user rather than a creator.

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