How To Make A Youtube Video

How to create video’s for your YouTube channel using video editor android app’s

Video Editing Software’s and App’s for Android

Now, we have a channel setup and also a niche we choose to blog or vlog. It’s time to upload our first video to YouTube. Wait! before that we need to create one right? 

In this post let’s see how to  I created videos for my YouTube channel. I have used many video editing software’s and app’s to create mind blowing videos with high quality as well content. Do you know my first video editing software was? I used Power Point Presentation. Yes, you read it right. I used PPT to create a my first video and below is the one which I created for the very first time. See how it was!

After that I started using Windows Movie Maker and then moved towards android video editing mobile apps. The day I started my hands on mobile apps I never turned back on software’s because I was able to create video’s on the fly. I was creating my video when I travel. That was the power of android video editor apps.

3 Basic Video Editing Software’s/Apps for Beginner’s

1. Power Point Presentation
2. Windows Movie Maker
3. AVS Video Editor

8 Basic to Pro Video Editing Software’s for Beginner’s to Advanced Editing

1. Kinemaster Pro
2. ViVa Video
3. VideoShow
4. Vizmato
5. Power director
6. Filmora Go
7. iMovie
8. Animoto

Most of the time I use Kinemaster Pro to edit all my videos and other video editor apps to give a final touch. Kinemaster is best for beginners to advanced level of video editing. I will be sharing all the techniques to create basic to high level videos using Kinemaster and other apps said above. Check out my first Kinemaster video

After that, I started using ViVa Video ,VidoeShow and FilmoraGo to create awesome hd quality videos. That was the turning point in my video edits. All the edits after that was fantastic. Check out below video with final touch.

After that my video editing skills enhanced and now I tried many video editing apps and even online video editing software’s too. Check out my latest video edit using online tools and see the difference.


By now I hope you have got fair idea about video editing tools and apps. In next post I will explain what software or app is best for you to start and create your first video.

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