Do You Know? Now You Can WhatsApp Any Contacts Without Saving Them. Really???

How to quickly send messages to any number through WhatsApp without saving them?

Hey there I have an interesting thing to share with you today. Most of the time we use WhatsApp to send messages and share contents. But, you have to save the contact first and then refresh and then you send the message. Am I right?.

Now, the roadblock is clear. No need to save unknown/any contact numbers and send message. We can directly send the message. Wow! Isn’t it a cool feature. WhatsApp have provided API to send messages to the unknown/any numbers and if the number is registered with WhatsApp then you can send the message. No need to save it!

Again the process of building the API link is a time consuming process if you have lot of unknown numbers. So, what is the solution? Don’t worry – I am here. I have built an easy to use interface to send the message in one click. No NEED OF INSTALLING ANY APP’s. Use this web app and your problem is solved. 

Ok, let’s see the new web app. Are you ready? Click on below link and check out the new feature.

Click Here to Send WhatsApp Message to Any Numbers Now


You got WhatsApp and you have many numbers to message. But, you have not saved them as many are unknown. Use this web link to quickly send a message to any number through WhatsApp.

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