You Will Thank Us – Top 5 WhatsApp Hidden Tricks/Features You Need To Know

Top 5  WhatsApp Hidden Tricks/Features that can save your Time and Privacy!

WhatsApp Hidden Features
WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp – who doesn’t use it? Everyone use it. But, how much you know about it other than sending messages , sharing pics and videos? You need to know below features of WhatsApp that will save your time and privacy.

1. Read messages without going online or changing last seen

Well if you want to read WhatsApp messages and do now want to show last seen – then all you need to do is add a widget on the home screen (long-tap any empty space on your phone’s home screen and tap Widgets). Add whatsapp to it. Done! You see all the messages flowing in.

2. Send WhatsApp messages without opening the messenger

You read it right. You can send messages without opening the messenger and also  changing last seen. Yes, to do so just open Google Assistant (Install from Google Store) and tell the assistant “Hi Google, send a whatsapp message to “NAME”. Here NAME is your friend contact. Ex: “Hi Google, send a whatsapp message to Salman Khan”

3. You can send any type of documents – APK, ZIP, RAR, PDF etc 

If you want to share documents apart form audio/video/image – just hit the attachment icon – select “Document”  and select the file from your phone. Easy right!

4. Who is that UNKNOWN person 

You can check the name of unknown person who messaged you. Just hit the unknown contact chat, tap on the number (at the top) in the next screen yo will see the name of the unknown person below the number or on the right end.

5. Listen to voice recordings privately

If you are in public and received a private voice message – what you do? Plugin in the earphone? WhatsApp knows your privacy. Play the voice message and take the phone near your ear. That’s it. Try it now!

Hope these features will save your time and privacy. Will share some more interesting tricks and features in coming posts. Comment what you know about WhatsApp.

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