Do You Need A Whatsapp Diary? Or Need To Know How To Create One?

How to create WhatsApp Diary to store day to day life notes without installing any apps

Well, most of the time we use whatsapp messenger to chat and share media. And sometimes we use it to save some important notes like money, messages, tips, list etc. What we do to have the notes saved? either we have apps installed or we use whatsapp messenger and send messages to our beloved one whom we trust.

If you are using WhatsApp messenger to save notes by sending it to a friend then you can use this technique to save the notes for yourself and stop disturbing your friend. Your friend will thank you for sure!

What you have to do? Click the link below and send message to your NUMBER only. You will be sending whatsapp message to yourself. How cool isn’t it? You are sending message to yourself. Thereby you have a diary created!

For easy and quick access, add this chat to your mobile home page by creating a shortcut. That’s it! You have created a WhatsApp Diary in minutes.  Check out this video for more details!

Click Here to Create WhatsApp Diary Now

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