10 Unique and Creative Youtube Channel Ideas To Start For 2018

Unique and Creative Youtube Channel Ideas for 2018 to Grow from Zero to $$$$$

Are you looking for creative Youtube channel Ideas? Then check out my list of Ideas below. Hope these helps you to start  a channel and rock 🙂

unique and creative youtube channel ideas
Unique and Creative Youtube Channel Ideas

Apart from tech, health, fashion , vlogging, product review and news channel ideas, I have unique ideas (as per my understanding). The space in the above said ideas is already filled and creating your own brand in that area could be cumbersome. 

I have something to share with you, if you are looking for something unique and also creative. Not just that but could also grow your channel steadily. Not much talk , let’s see the ideas!

1. Troll Video’s : Ever thought of editing crazy videos? Every one call it as TROLL videos! People like to watch it because of the fun factor. You should known basic of video editing – cut and paste videos and do some crazy stuffs.

2. MixMatch : As the name says – again  it’s a kind of video editing where you take a clip from one video and music from other video. Wow! the result will be amazing! Thinking how? Just choose a song from one movie and edit with other dance moves! That’s it. It will go viral if you make it even more funnier.

3. Inspire : Apart from fun, people also search for motivational and Inspirational videos too. Read some books or blogs – create an inspiring and motivating story videos. If you are good at narration, voice over it. 

4. Story Telling :  Not many have the art of story telling. If you ever thought of making a movie – have an awesome story in mind – Youtube is waiting for you. Learn some basic video editing with freely available video clips and audio clips. Narrate your story. May be some producers approach you!

5. React-Ton : Why can’t you play with your pet animals and make a reaction video? People love to watch how pets react. Show them love, surprise, anger, horror etc. Shoot the video in different places and check out the reaction. You will be surprised!

6. AppStore : Why not review some of the cool android apps? Out of 3.3 million apps in google store, search for best apps and use it for a week or two, show users its cons and pros. 

7. FaceSwap : How about using cool android apps to make funny videos, if you dare to come in front of cam? FaceSwap, android app, which you can use it to create funny face and do some mimicry. Try if you are humor loving person.

8. Hobby: If you are a singer, dancer, play any instrument – why not have a channel to showcase your talent? Yes, you can do. People love to hear your voice too if you are good 🙂

9. GoBlind : This will be interesting! Take up a challenge for yourself and do in by blindfolded. Yes! the result is unknown for you and for the watcher’s too. So, the key factor is curiousness. 

10. NatureHide : If you are a traveler, then why not shoot some beautiful places which many don’t know it exist? People love to watch beauty of nature. Show them those beautiful places – guide them the route – say what is best about it – what to do and what not to do – based on your experience.


I hope these ideas will give you something to start with.  Before you start with any youtube channel ideas or niche, make sure you got many things to cover for upcoming years. Not just 10-15 videos for life time. Youtube is a business not just entertainment. Keep this in mind before you start. I will update this post when new ideas strike.

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