Independence Day WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script

Independence Day WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script

Event Blogging wishing script – today we will talk about how you can create your own Independence day Viral Web App Script  and then how can you make money by adding festival wishes with name web app script to your blog or site.

There are many festivals in our country and all of us wish our friends and relatives from social apps like facebook, tweeter, whatsapp etc on our mobile.

Because of the craze of these festival wishes growing on social networks, you now find many such web apps online where you can enter your name or the name of the person whom you want to wish to enter, with that festival specific image. 

You can earn money from the Custom Name Festival Wishing Web App

Independence Day WhatsApp Viral Wishing Script

These kind of festival wishes with name web app becomes very viral because such a festival wishing web app works like a chain system in a way. For example, when you send your name in this app and send it to someone, then a specific URL is sent to him and if you want to send it that if he clicks on that link then that particular web page of the web app reaches where your wishes are with your name. 

Apart from this, the design of that web page is very attractive due to which the user wishes to open the web page gets impressed by it and he also sends the festival wishes to his friends by entering his name and then his friends to friends, then this chain keeps running like this. 

How to Make Festival Wishes with Name Web App? 

If I talk about a simple festival wishes web app then any one who has a little knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript can do it, but if I talk about SEO friendly festival wishes web app with awesome design and animation then, you have to work hard to create such a web app.

If you want to use a free version of festival wishes with name web script, you can click on the link given below, but you will not get any support in the free version.Still feel free to comment if you have any questions! You have to set up your own usage on your hosting and this script. Do not change anything in the script. Or else it will not work.

Features of Festival wishes with Name web app script

  • Play audio in background <- new feature added!
  • Multiple images
  • Adsense friendly
  • Supports any size ads
  • Optimized for high ads revenue
  • Very light weight with Super high speed
  • Whatsapp Social Share Button

Benefits of Festival wishes with Name web app Script

  • You can get huge Facebook page/post likes and comments
  • You can Earn Decent Traffic
  • You can Earn Money

How to install Independence Day Viral Wish Script? 

Download the script from below link and use it in your blogger or hosted site. Do not change any code in it. Just add your adsense ad’s in the section highlighted below.

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